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Alliance Etiquettes is a partner that wishes to reveal the uniqueness of each individual by creating tailor-made products and services and by making all its stakeholders (customers, partners and employees) the entrepreneurs of its sustainable development.

At Alliance Etiquettes, Corporate Social Responsibility is not just a concept, it’s a business philosophy rooted in our raison d’être. We believe that by developing our uniqueness, we can all work together to build a more virtuous world.

Introduction of the pillars

At Alliance Étiquettes, our CSR strategy is based on 3 pillars: responsible innovation, the well-being of our teams, and reducing our environmental footprint. Each pillar has its own objectives, an action plan and specific KPIs.

We aim to create solid governance, strengthen dialogue with our stakeholders and systematise the monitoring of CSR performance at the highest decision-making level.

We also aspire, in this area, to be much more than printers by becoming a benchmark CSR player in the printing sector.

Pillar 1

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Pillar 2

See together: Developing the fulfilment of our teams

Pillar 3

See “green”: Improving our environmental footprint


Alliance Etiquettes Group

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Alliance Etiquettes Group

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Health and safety

As part of our CSR strategy, we give priority to the health and safety of our teams. Our commitment, as an alliance of printers, aims to reduce illness and accidents, strengthen HSE prevention, improve the quality of life at work and guarantee the safety of raw materials, particularly chemicals.



ALLIANCE ETIQUETTES has chosen to focus its quality policy on implementing a quality management system and measuring its effectiveness.

The three main thrusts of this quality policy are as follows:

  • Reliable lead times, by guaranteeing reliable, appropriate and measured delivery times.
  • Control of the manufacturing chain: by controlling our costs, reducing waste and waste production through operational performance indicators and associated action plans.
  • Customer satisfaction: by ensuring that the quality of our products and services takes account of the expectations and needs of our current and future customers. This is assessed in particular by means of an annual questionnaire sent to our customers.


Inclusion and diversity

As part of our diversity and inclusion policy, Alliance Etiquettes is committed to valuing and respecting every individual within our company, regardless of their origin, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation or abilities.

Our aim is to promote a working environment where mutual respect, dignity and tolerance are at the heart of our daily actions. We ensure fair recruitment, based solely on skills and qualifications, and support personal and professional development through ongoing training on inclusion.

We also collaborate with partners and participate in equity initiatives, while regularly evaluating our practices to ensure their effectiveness. We are dedicated to building an inclusive corporate culture, where every employee feels valued, respected and fully integrated.



As part of its CSR strategy, Alliance Etiquettes is committed to setting high standards in environmental responsibility, aiming to become a European leader in environmentally friendly premium printing solutions. Our efforts are focused on several key areas to minimise our environmental impact:

Responsible environmental governance

We are continuously improving our management of climate and biodiversity impacts, by strengthening dialogue and collaboration with our partners.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Priority is given to reducing our emissions by increasing the use of renewable energy, encouraging less polluting transport and optimising the energy efficiency of our facilities.

Sustainable management of resources and waste

We are committed to reducing our consumption of water and energy, minimising our waste and encouraging the recyclability of our materials, while increasing the proportion of recycled materials such as tin in our products.

Protecting biodiversity

We integrate the preservation of biodiversity into all stages of our production, encouraging our suppliers to adopt practices that respect natural resources and engaging in initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of our activities.

Developing a network of local partnerships

By maintaining a customer service based on short circuits, we are reducing our carbon footprint while strengthening our local roots.

This global environmental policy reflects our determination to become a sustainable and responsible business model, actively supported by the commitment of our employees, suppliers and customers to a collective approach to sustainable development.



As part of our CSR strategy, Alliance Etiquettes attaches paramount importance to preserving biodiversity, recognising its essential role in the health of our planetary ecosystem. Our commitment, as a responsible player in the printing sector, is to integrate sustainable practices at every stage of our production to minimise our impact on natural ecosystems.

Supply chain management

We adopt strict sustainability criteria in our sourcing, favouring raw materials from environmentally responsible sources and working with suppliers who share our commitment to biodiversity. We also support the achievement of recognised certifications to attest to our efforts in environmental preservation.

On-site management

Our facilities are designed to co-exist harmoniously with local flora and fauna. We are developing green spaces, vegetable gardens and orchards that contribute not only to the beautification of our sites but also to the promotion of local biodiversity. Biodiversity footprint analyses are regularly carried out to assess and reduce the impact of our activities.

Sustainable innovations

Committed to a proactive approach to technology monitoring, we are continually exploring new practices and technologies that are more respectful of biodiversity. This approach enables us to rapidly adopt innovations that facilitate beneficial coexistence with natural ecosystems.

Our biodiversity policy is aligned with a sustainable and responsible business model, seeking to guarantee the protection of ecosystems while improving our operational efficiency and ensuring the environmental safety of our processes.



As part of our CSR strategy, Alliance Etiquettes actively engages in meaningful social partnerships at all its sites. We work with Etablissements et Services d’Aide par le Travail (ESAT) and Elise, a company specialising in waste sorting by people with disabilities. These initiatives reinforce our commitment to social inclusion and responsible environmental practices.

We also maintain close relationships with local communities, supporting programmes that enrich both the local economy and social well-being. These partnerships illustrate our determination to improve the quality of life at work and ensure the sustainability of our resources.

By integrating these collaborations into the heart of our operations, Alliance Etiquettes aspires to become a responsible and committed leader in the printing industry, while valuing diversity and environmental sustainability.

Our partners

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Waste collection


Ethics and anti-corruption

As part of our CSR strategy, Alliance Etiquettes is committed to maintaining irreproachable ethics and fighting corruption. This policy, anchored in our internal regulations, defines appropriate behaviour and behaviour to be avoided, emphasising the need for business integrity.

We have a whistleblowing system that ensures confidentiality and protects against retaliation, enabling our employees to report any suspicious behaviour. Infringements are dealt with seriously, with disciplinary action for proven breaches.

Strict rules govern gifts and hospitality to avoid conflicts of interest, and rigorous audit procedures combat money laundering and fraud. Failure to comply with these guidelines can result in severe sanctions, reflecting our commitment to ensuring an ethical and safe working environment, while preserving trust and quality in our business activities.