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Pillar 1

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Boosting our capacity to innovate responsibly

Upstream, we work on long-term relationships with our suppliers to guarantee responsible, sustainable and traceable purchasing. We also offer a range of products and innovations incorporating eco-design, the circular economy and R&D partnerships.

Our aim is to ensure the safety of the raw materials we use and to produce high-quality labels. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Issue 1

Governance of sustainable development

Our commitment to excellence in sustainable governance is demonstrated by the strategic integration of CSR into our highest decision-making bodies.

This is reflected in a comprehensive CSR scorecard which forms the central structure of our strategy, ensuring that CSR considerations are integrated into the entire decision-making process. This approach has enabled us to become a benchmark player in CSR, backed up by recognised labels and certifications.

We are systematically monitoring our CSR performance to ensure continuous improvement. This will take the form of a comprehensive annual CSR report (available from early 2025) and the transparent dissemination of this report to all our stakeholders.

Indeed, strengthening dialogue with all our stakeholders remains a major priority for us. We will do our utmost to involve our employees, suppliers and customers in our approach to encourage a constructive and open exchange. Our aim is to create solid, trusting relationships so that we can all work together to shape the future in the most positive way possible.

Issue 2

Responsible purchasing & sustainable supplier relations

Developing an ecosystem of partners with a long-term commitment to responsible innovation is a priority for us.

To achieve this, we are working to strengthen our relationships with our suppliers by regularly exchanging best practices and areas for improvement, and by meeting annually.

At the same time, we are committed to strengthening our responsible purchasing charter, with particular emphasis on the traceability and sustainability of our paper. To achieve this objective, we revise our Responsible Purchasing Charter as soon as necessary and send it to all our suppliers annually to take account of their feedback. In this way, we aim to continue to improve both our practices and those of our suppliers.

Finally, we want to play an active part in setting a standard for the sustainability and traceability of tin. To this end, we are identifying existing associations and will participate in at least one key annual event from 2024 onwards.

Issue 3

Product offering & responsible innovation

For Alliance Étiquettes, raising our customers’ awareness of the need to choose more sustainable products is paramount.

To achieve this objective, we are developing training in eco-design. We are also training our currency traders and sales staff so that they can better advise our customers.

Lastly, we are supporting this drive to make more sustainable choices by introducing a carbon calculator that will soon give you a direct view of the reductions in greenhouse gases.

We are continuing to build on this momentum by incorporating eco-design into our product development. Every new collection from No. 5 onwards will have at least 1 R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

Enjeu 4

Quality of service and customer satisfaction

At Alliance Étiquettes, we make it a point of honour to constantly improve customer satisfaction.

Every year, we carry out an in-depth customer satisfaction survey to gather valuable feedback on our products and services, so that we can adapt our offering to better meet their needs.

We are committed to ensuring the exceptional quality of our products by aiming to certify 100% of our production sites to the appropriate standards. To guarantee the safety of our employees, we will put in place a systematic analysis of the origins of accidents or problems, specific checklists for our production employees, and a continuous progress plan shared with all the quality referents in our plants.

Finally, the safety of raw materials, particularly chemicals, remains an absolute priority. Imprim’Vert certification at all our sites guarantees responsible management of chemicals. As this certification is only available in France, an equivalent certification will soon be found for all our sites outside France.

Priority Objectives

To be a benchmark CSR player in the printing sector

Develop an ecosystem of long-term partners involved in the responsible innovation process

Integrate eco-design into product development

Improve customer satisfaction & ensure high product quality

Pillar 2

Developing the fulfilment of our teams

Pillar 3

Improving our environmental footprint