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Pillar 2

See together

Developing the fulfilment of our teams

Our strategy is based on responsible and transparent management. We ensure the health, safety and well-being of our employees.

To achieve this, we prioritise the commitment and skills development of our teams. We maintain our expertise. And because we are based in different parts of the world, we promote professional integration in our regions by including people with disabilities. Finally, our teams take part in local solidarity initiatives.

Issue 1

Responsible & transparent management

We strive for maximum transparency in our financial and organisational performance.

To give concrete expression to this commitment, we are introducing half-yearly communication of results, giving all employees a clear view of our progress and the challenges we face. Similarly, in 2024, an annual digital seminar will be a key opportunity to share our progress and ambitions with all our teams. This type of presentation will be made more regularly to site managers to ensure maximum cohesion.

To continue developing this exchange, strengthening social dialogue within our Group is a major priority. We are undertaking an in-depth review of the harmonisation of our practices and the creation of a group body to provide a forum for exchange and consultation and to encourage collaboration and the expression of ideas at all levels of the company.

Issue 2

Employee health and safety

The health and safety of our employees is an absolute priority.

Two major objectives have been set. Firstly, the company aims to reduce the number of accidents in the workplace by implementing a mandatory safety training plan. This plan aims to raise awareness and equip each employee to prevent occupational risks. In addition, Alliance Étiquettes is committed to keeping its safety registers constantly up to date, guaranteeing rigorous traceability and optimum responsiveness when necessary.

The company has also set itself the goal of strengthening HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) prevention. To achieve this, it is developing a stronger QHSE team, dedicated to identifying, assessing and managing occupational risks. In addition, Alliance Étiquettes regularly updates the mandatory training courses on chemical products, to ensure that the substances it uses are used safely and correctly.

Finally, the company centralises its data library, providing easy access to and efficient management of health, safety and environmental information.

Issue 3

Employee well-being and commitment

Alliance Étiquettes encourages the well-being and commitment of its employees, who are the pillars of its development.

The company has set itself several objectives to achieve this commitment. First of all, it is committed to improving the quality of life at work by continually updating documents relating to working conditions. We will also keep in close touch with our employees regarding their wishes, needs and projects by means of annual questionnaires.

Secondly, the company has set itself the objective of strengthening its employer brand. It plans to put in place a structured on-boarding and off-boarding process, guaranteeing a smooth integration and departure for its employees. In addition, Alliance Étiquettes is seeking to obtain social certifications to support its development in this area, while promoting the Group’s fundamental values: entrepreneurship, innovation, excellence, thinking big and putting customers first.

Finally, as we are proud of the experience of our members, we seek to promote internal career paths and encourage the sharing of individual and team experience.

Issue 4

Skills development

Skills development and retention are central to our thinking.

With this in mind, we have set ourselves a number of ambitious objectives. First of all, we are committed to ensuring equality between men and women by working towards parity within the Group and promoting the role of women at all levels of the company. In addition, Alliance Étiquettes makes it a point of honour to train and involve all its employees in its CSR roadmap. To this end, the company encourages each employee to get involved in an action proposed by the group, thereby fostering a collective commitment to social responsibility.

It also actively supports its employees’ individual initiatives, helping them to develop their projects.

Lastly, Alliance Étiquettes is committed to ensuring the longevity of its expertise by setting up the Alliance Étiquettes Academy, an in-house training organisation dedicated to the transmission of skills and mutual support between its sites.

Issue 5

Contributions to impact partnerships in local areas

Alliance Étiquettes is committed to meeting this crucial challenge by promoting the professional integration of people who are far from employment in local areas.

This involves working closely with organisations specialising in these issues.

It also works to encourage the inclusion of people with disabilities, working with organisations that help us to ensure that our approach is appropriate and rewarding.

At the same time, Alliance Étiquettes is seeking to increase the participation of its employees in local solidarity initiatives, encouraging them to become actively involved.

Priority objectives

Strengthen social dialogue at Group level

Employee health and safety

Improve the quality of life at work

Guarantee the long-term future of our expertise

Involve our employees in our local community initiatives

Strengthening our employer brand

Pillar 1

Boosting our capacity to innovate responsibly

Pillar 3

Improving our environmental footprint