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The integrated packaging design agency for Alliance Etiquettes customers.

In the delicate task of creating or refreshing a brand, Curiosity dives into your world to gain a clear understanding of who you are. To face your competition, it will refrain from repeating the past and guide your brand through a rapidly changing world. It embodies boldness, curiosity, reliability and commitment.

Curiosity brings creativity and meaning to all its creations. Its greatest asset is that it masters all available printing techniques to offer you innovative, creative, economical, environmental and operational solutions.

Our Collections

Explore our collections, which are the result of a unique collaboration between Curiosity – our packaging design agency – and our printing professionals. Daring projects that push the limits of design and technique – that is what being more than printers is all about!


The Curiosity team was inspired by Art with a capital A for Collection #04, which fulfills Nelly Rodi’s “Life & Style 2024” consumer expectations. By moving beyond the boundaries of creativity, it sets a new signature: “We Art Labels”.


Discover Collection #03 in our artistic adventure. This collection is inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy. Unbridled creativity, technical expertise from our production sites, and exceptional embellishments, around three themes: luxury, sensoriality and naturalness.


Explore our Collection #02, a fusion of creativity and technical innovation. Each creation from our Curiosity packaging design agency is a testament to the emotional power of a label, revealing its ability to make a difference and inspire.


For Collection #01, our Curiosity agency has explored new materials and finishes. It pushed back the frontiers of creativity. Our production sites have enhanced every detail of the creations. They have guaranteed an unforgettable visual experience, and above all, one that will inspire you.

Our special projects

To go even further, our Curiosity team, our printing sites and our R&D department develop new projects in special editions. This is a way of highlighting original and differentiating printing processes for our customers.

Absinthe Double Jeu

The ALLIANCE ETIQUETTES teams are proud to present the “Double jeu” Absinthe label which uses the lenticular printing technique.

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