Imprimerie Alliance Etiquettes Doué-en-Anjou

Printing techniques:

Screen printing | Letterpress | Offset | Digital offset


Screen printing | Hot foil stamping | Curved foil stamping | Embossing | Laminating | Varnishing | Multi-level embossing | Evidencing | Multi-material


5,000 m2 of floor space | 15 printing lines

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Lionel Ploton

Director of Alliance Etiquettes Doué-en-Anjou

It all began in 1976 with the creation of Imprimerie Etienne, followed in 2000 by Etiq’adhesif. In 2018, the Alliance Étiquettes group bought both companies and decided to merge them. Our new printing plant, located in Doué-la-Fontaine near Saumur, represents our alliance of printers. Opened in March 2023, it embodies our values of innovation and excellence.

Specializing in dry and self-adhesive labels for the wine, spirits and agri-food industries, our printing plant employs over seventy people. Equipped with 15 high-tech printing lines, it offers a variety of exceptional finishes to meet your every need.

1030 Rue de la Croix Germain ZA La Saulaie, 49700 Doué-en-Anjou


Imprimerie Alliance Etiquettes Doué-en-Anjou

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