Imprimerie Tonutti Tecniche Grafiche

Printing techniques:

Screen printing | Flexographic (plastic film support, adhesive labels) | Offset | Digital offset | Random | Numbering


Screen printing | Hot foil stamping | Cold gilding | Curved gilding | Embossing | Lamination | Opening | Multi-level embossing | Hollowing out


35,000 m2 of land | 11,000 m2 of buildings

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Antonio Macchiorlatti

Director of Tonutti Tecniche Grafiche

Founded in 1945 by Pietro Mario Tonutti in Fagagna near Venice, Tonutti specializes in premium label printing, a tradition that has been passed down through three generations.
In 2022, Tonutti received awards such as 3rd place at the FTA Europe Diamond Awards and 2nd place at Best in Flexo. In 2023, it joined our alliance of printers, giving the Alliance Étiquettes group a European and international dimension.

With a surface area of 35,000 m² and around a hundred employees, we operate in the wine (especially Prosecco), spirits, water, beverage, cosmetics and food sectors. We produce over 200 million labels every month for the wine and spirits sectors!

80/82 Corso Gabriele Luigi Pecile , 33034 Fagagna – Udine – Italy

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