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Our Alliance

Our history

The history of printing

Since Gutenberg in the 15th century, each innovation has shaped the art of printing. From letterpress to digital printing, it has followed a dynamic path, adapting to technological advances. Today, printing professionals are facing new challenges with customized solutions to meet the diverse needs of every economic sector.

The history of labels

Since it first appeared in the 19th century, the printed label has evolved from a monochrome utilitarian object to a sophisticated creative medium, thanks to various finishing technologies such as gilding, embossing, laminating and more. Popularized by industrialization, it is omnipresent on products and plays an important role in industrial and emotional identification, becoming an essential part of visual communication.

Our history

Alliance Etiquettes, a family business steeped in tradition for three generations.

It all began in the 1950s with Jean Laulan, a former fighter pilot with a passion for typography. In 1964, Alain Laulan founded Imprimerie Laulan, establishing a legacy dedicated to premium printing.

In 2008, Olivier Laulan took over and invested in digital printing. In 2015, he created the Alliance Etiquettes group that brought together several printing professionals. In 2023, the alliance expanded to include the Etincia brand, which has specialized in pewter labels since 1998. The acquisition of Tonutti Tecniche Grafiche, an Italian printer located near Venice, has added an international dimension to the Alliance Etiquettes group.

And to further set itself apart, Alliance Etiquettes offers tailor-made creative services through its packaging design agency, Curiosity. With a team of 11 designers in France and Italy, the Curiosity agency has been creating its own original product and label Collections since 2019.

Our key dates


Jean Laulan, a former fighter pilot, becomes a typographer


Creation of Imprimerie Laulan by Alain Laulan


Olivier Laulan takes over the company


Creation of the Alliance Etiquettes group
Acquisition of the NS Etiquettes printing facility


Acquisition of the D3 printing plant


Acquisition of the Applic’Etains production site
Acquisition of the Label Imprime printing facility


Acquisition of the Irisgraphic printing facility
Acquisition of the SFEA printing facility


Acquisition of the 5 Sept Etiquette printing facility


Acquisition of the Etiq’Etains production site


Acquisition of the Bernétic printing facility
Acquisition of the Tonutti Tecniche Grafiche printing facility
Opening of the Alliance Etiquettes Doué-en-Anjou printing facility


Creation of the packaging design agency Curiosity
Launch of the Etincia brand

Our values

Olivier Laulan

President of Alliance Etiquettes

“As a third-generation printer, I am passionate about technological developments and innovations in our industry. With the emergence of digitalization, I decided to invest in digital printing to offer complete, high-quality and responsive service. To take things further, I created Alliance Etiquettes in 2015, an alliance of printing professionals keen to provide their customers with innovative, high-performance solutions.

The acquisition of Tonutti strengthens our skills and demonstrates our commitment to internationalization. Today, our range has expanded with our premium brand specialized in pewter: Etincia. Alliance Etiquettes is asserting its leadership in the premium label market, and aiming to become “the” European reference for premium printing solutions.”

Our ambitions

At Alliance Etiquettes, our ambition is to become THE European reference for premium printing solutions.

We are an alliance of printers providing services to all customers, for all types of labels. Thanks to our geographical proximity and diversified sector expertise, we aim to build a relationship of trust with you, and a strong partnership.

Our premium service offers you advice, creativity and quality, to enhance the value of your products.
Alliance Etiquettes is much more than just a printing company; we are an alliance of professionals offering you customized, informed printing solutions.

Our business sectors

The Alliance Etiquettes group operates in 8 distinct sectors, offering tailor-made solutions to the wine & spirits, gournet food & gastronomy, brewing, perfume & cosmetics, wellness and personal hygiene & beauty product industries.

We are also present in the agri-food and industrial sectors to meet the diversity of your needs and desires.

Our key figures


in sales in 2022




production sites in France and Italy


head office in Bordeaux


active customers in 8 strategic business sectors


printing technologies


strategic brands : Etincia and Yetiq


packaging design agency : Curiosity